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The JESUS Film Project

The goal of The JESUS Film Project is to help share Jesus with everyone in his or her own heart language using media tools and movement building strategies.
The JESUS Film Project distributes the film "JESUS," a two-hour docudrama about the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke. The film has been seen in every country of the world and translated into hundreds of languages since its initial release in 1979. Our goal is to reach every nation, tribe, people and tongue, helping them see and hear the story of Jesus in a language they can understand. So whether a person speaks Swahili, French, Outdoor film showingor a language whose name is extremely difficult for most to pronounce, he or she will encounter the life and message of Jesus in a language "of the heart." .......

THEOPHILOS - Free Bible Study Suite for Windows

Theophilos is a fast and effective way to explore God's word. It comes packed with powerful features that you wouldn’t expect to find in a free program. In fact, you are receiving a package of great value that can grow with your desire to study God's Word.

The free download of Theophilos comes complete with the following:

  • Full version of Theophilos Bible Software. No registration fees, no expiration reminder screens. This is not a so called "Demo" or "Light" version either.
  • Full text of King James (Authorized) version of the English Bible (including Old and New testaments) with Christ's words in red
  • Complete Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the whole Bible
  • Complete Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • Preview of multimedia Bible narration with pictures and sound
  • Greatest Bible Passages jumplist
  • Sample of a topic book to help you store your knowledge
  • Intro music - excerpt from "And I Saw As It Were... Konelrad" by Kerry Livgren from his album "One Of Several Possible Musiks". Copyright © 1989 Kerry Livgren Productions, Inc. Used by author's permission.

Open Doors - Serving persecuted Christians worldwide

Our Work

Connect with those around the world who share our faith but not our freedom.

Bible & Literature Distribution
Our ministry continues to put Bibles, commentaries, evangelistic tools, training materials, hymn books and other Christian literature - over 6.9 million pieces last year - into the hands of persecuted believers.

Leadership Training & Assistance
Through the years, Open Doors has learned that training and encouraging pastors and church leaders is the most effective way to support strong, healthy local churches, especially among those facing persecution. We help these brave leaders study and teach the Bible in a way that brings the courage of truth to their people.

Christian Community Development
In order for God's people to remain as a light in the darkness of persecution, individual Christians must be able to live and work in these environments. We help strengthen Christian communities so that they can continue to share the love of Christ and bring the gospel to their neighbors.

Our persecuted brethren cry out for our prayers - not for comfort and escape - but to testify to the grace and faithfulness of God. Open Doors equips believers to stand with the persecuted in prayer, and takes teams around the world to encourage and pray directly with brothers and sisters under pressure. Our Advocacy program enables ordinary Christians to seek justice for the oppressed by influencing those in positions of political power.

Brother Andrew's Story
Read Brother Andrew's story

OpenSong - Create and manage your lyrics and more

OpenSong is a free, open-source software application created to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads, computer projection, and more. OpenSong releases are available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems. Download the full application for free and give it a try!

NEW –> Brasilian an Italian translation is now available! - E’ ora disponibile la traduzione italiana! Baixe a tradução brasileira agora mesmo!
is producing Christian animations, games and illustrations.
We appreciate your support to our production and we hope you enjoy the clips and use them to spread Jesus' messages.