THEOPHILOS - Free Bible Study Suite for Windows

Theophilos is a fast and effective way to explore God's word. It comes packed with powerful features that you wouldn’t expect to find in a free program. In fact, you are receiving a package of great value that can grow with your desire to study God's Word.

The free download of Theophilos comes complete with the following:

  • Full version of Theophilos Bible Software. No registration fees, no expiration reminder screens. This is not a so called "Demo" or "Light" version either.
  • Full text of King James (Authorized) version of the English Bible (including Old and New testaments) with Christ's words in red
  • Complete Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the whole Bible
  • Complete Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • Preview of multimedia Bible narration with pictures and sound
  • Greatest Bible Passages jumplist
  • Sample of a topic book to help you store your knowledge
  • Intro music - excerpt from "And I Saw As It Were... Konelrad" by Kerry Livgren from his album "One Of Several Possible Musiks". Copyright © 1989 Kerry Livgren Productions, Inc. Used by author's permission.

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